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Sweater Co-ord by Davis Tisdale

Last weekend I had the absolute pleaj of visiting the Davis Tisdale showroom to check out the collection with the owner Elizabeth Criscillo. Her collection is a mix of timeless staples (perfectly worn denim and cozy sweaters) and unique statement pieces. I snagged a couple of goodies and borrowed this insane sweater co-ord to shoot for fun (available to purchase here). My favorite part of blogging and social media is connecting IRL with the badass women I’ve met online. Elizabeth and I talked for hours about our love of vintage, how to modernize vintage pieces, and mix in contemporary brands. This is precisely what I live for, and where I think Davis Tisdale really shines. Scroll down to read some gems from our conversation.

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Bring on spring with this amazing vintage sweater set from Davis Tisdale VintageBring on spring with this amazing vintage sweater set from Davis Tisdale Vintage

What’s the origin story of Davis Tisdale? Where does the name come from and how did you start your shop?
Both Davis and Tisdale are family names. Just as a family appreciates its history and heritage, the aim of DTV is to create the same appreciation for the pieces offered, each telling a different story and carrying a part of their previous life. I started my Etsy shop about five years ago. It was just after my husband and I decided to quit our industry jobs in NY and move across the country to LA. I am from South Carolina originally, and I had never explored much of the south.

We took a six-week road trip starting in South Carolina making our way southeast to southwest, eating and thrifting our way across the country. I was also certain in my mind that Tulsa, OK, was a vintage goldmine. I have never lived down the ten hour round trip detour from Texas to Tulsa. We looked like the Beverly Hillbillies when we turned up to LA—I had demanded that we pack my vintage crates full of Etsy inventory in the car with us [rather than ship them with our moving boxes] to ensure I could send out any orders as we made our way across the US.

Davis Tisdale vintage showroom

How do you draw inspiration from contemporary fashion and translate that into your vintage collection?
Having been in the wholesale contemporary market for the past decade, I have worked with designers on identifying key trends and merchandising their collections sold within the contemporary marketplace, both boutiques and larger retailer/e-commerce sites alike. With DTV, I currently wear many hats; my favorite is putting together a trend story for my vintage buy that addresses what’s prominent and selling in the contemporary world. This season it’s all about the ruffle, one shoulder, and all things statement top. Think Ulla Johnson and JW Anderson.

Davis Tisdale vintage showroom

How can someone start to integrate vintage into their wardrobe?
The easiest way to integrate vintage into your wardrobe is to narrow down a category of what you are looking for that season and use that for an Etsy search to find that perfect piece. At the moment, everyone from Zara to Shrimps UK are doing faux fur coats.

Buying vintage is a great one of a kind alternative. It’s also a great way to incorporate a current trend you may notice in the marketplace but don’t want to splurge to buy. (Think MadeWorn band tee, Gucci logo tee, Re/Done denim). All of these hit a vintage look that could be found in the vintage world with some digging.

For me, vintage shopping is also about the experience and the thrill of the hunt. I would recommend incorporating a special vintage piece into a true experience to remember somewhere you travel. If you are planning a trip to Mexico, most spots in Mexico have beautiful vintage embroideries on great cotton qualities that are perfect for the trip and will always serve as reminder of that special experience. I found some of the most beautiful vintage pieces on a trip to Oaxaca; the artisan work on these pieces was absolutely breath taking!

Davis Tisdale vintage showroom

What are some staple vintage pieces that every vintage lover should own?
This is a tough one to narrow down! I love to offer vintage pieces that could integrate into an every day wardrobe and feel accessible to the customer. My aim with DTV is to curate vintage in a modern, relevant way by keeping the offering and styling on trend with the designer and contemporary fashion world. That being said, I’ve listed a few vintage lover highlights below:

  • SEARCHING FOR THE SEASON: statement blouses, ruffles, Victorian dresses, and more camis.
  • CURRENT OBSESSION: simple logo tee, Poet blouses, and 90s Donna Karan/anything satin.
  • ALWAYS ON MY LIST: vintage Chanel, Chloe, Hermés. My best find to date was a gorgeous allover sequin black cocktail Chanel dress, lined in grosgrain with classic double C Chanel zip. It was $200 at a Manhattan Salvation Army.
  • THINKING ABOUT DABBLING: The return of the Juicy Couture tracksuit. Thank you Vetements. (*editor’s note: I just bought black velvet track pants!)

Davis Tisdale vintage showroom

What is your favorite piece of vintage? What is its story?
I have several well-loved pieces of vintage clothing that bring me back to a place and time. That being said, I am a true clotheshorse and am constantly clearing out to bring in new finds. (True confessions of a New York closet, hah.)

Over the years, my mom has passed down different vintage rings throughout various birthdays or milestones in my life. Some of which had been given to her by her mother. These are my forever-vintage pieces.

My favorite of these is a sapphire ring my mom had melded for me from a gold bracelet with different ornate gemstone links that my grandfather had given my grandmother for their 50th wedding anniversary. My grandmother left this bracelet to me when she passed. I was so nervous to lose it that I have only worn it on my wedding day. My mom had a sapphire link from the bracelet made into a ring with an intricate etched band detail, the wedding band from she and my dad’s marriage with the engraved date of their anniversary on the inside. I wear this ring everyday, as it is a constant reminder of family and love.

Davis Tisdale vintage showroomBring on spring with this amazing vintage sweater set from Davis Tisdale Vintage Bring on spring with this amazing vintage sweater set from Davis Tisdale VintageBring on spring with this amazing vintage sweater set from Davis Tisdale VintageBring on spring with this amazing vintage sweater set from Davis Tisdale VintageBring on spring with this amazing vintage sweater set from Davis Tisdale VintageBring on spring with this amazing vintage sweater set from Davis Tisdale VintageBring on spring with this amazing vintage sweater set from Davis Tisdale Vintage

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