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Gingham Jumpsuit Feat. My Insecurities

Helllllllo my sweet spring babies! I’m in a really good mood because I just ate the most amazing chocolate chip cookie of my life. Hat tip to River Market in Tarrytown. I might be high off the sugar rush, but today is a marvelous day!

Now, to bring my high crashing down: When I first saw the photos from this shoot I felt slightly *blech* about posting them—I’m looking a bit…doughier than I was a few months ago (might be all those amazing chocolate chip cookies 🤔). But I decided to write about it instead of ignore it because transparency is the best way to keep myself level-headed.

My weight fluctuates a lot. Plus or minus 5-10 lbs depending on the season and my mood/activity level. A few months ago I gave up my gym membership because I wasn’t able to dedicate enough time to exercise. And, let’s be honest, exercising is the worrrrsssst. Therefore it’s the first thing to fall by the wayside when my schedule fills up. My career and my side projects are more important to me right now than maintaining a tight bod. But lately I am really starting to feel the consequences of my newfound sedentary lifestyle. Namely, I haven’t been sleeping very well and am thus tired all the time. When I was exercising, I slept way better, and I didn’t need to clock as many hours each night.

I am very “#blessed” with in many ways, but that doesn’t change the fact that, like most of us, I have my own body insecurities. My favorite running joke is that I keep covering up my cellulite with tattoos (sorry mom). The older I’ve gotten, the more accepting I am of my own imperfections. But even at self love I am imperfect, and often have moments where I judge myself way more harshly than I would judge other women. Funny (ie: sad) how that works sometimes 😔.

But also, like, why society gotta put all this unattainable perfection pressure on us ladies anyways?! Let me liiiiiive (and eat my pizza in peace). Sigh.

How do you balance life responsibilities—like work, projects, and relationships—with maintaining a healthy lifestyle? How do you practice self love and self care? Tell me your secrets!

Prancing into spring in gingham with pastel hair Prancing into spring in gingham with pastel hair Prancing into spring in gingham with pastel hair Prancing into spring in gingham with pastel hair Prancing into spring in gingham with pastel hair Prancing into spring in gingham with pastel hair Prancing into spring in gingham with pastel hair Prancing into spring in gingham with pastel hairPrancing into spring in gingham with pastel hair Prancing into spring in gingham with pastel hair Prancing into spring in gingham with pastel hair Prancing into spring in gingham with pastel hair Prancing into spring in gingham with pastel hairPrancing into spring in gingham with pastel hair Prancing into spring in gingham with pastel hair

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  1. My sweet love! You are far from being doughy, though I totally get what you mean! My weight fluctuates depending on work commitments mainly. At the moment I’m a little on the softer and squishier side than usual, but I know I can get back in the gym and pound off the pounds as it were. I think the main thing is to just relax and be comfortable in your own skin. What does wonders for me is yoga once a week, it’s great for the mind, body and soul and makes me feel relaxed and stretched out. I think doing something like that as a weekly commitment is really great for mental and physical wellbeing. You want a cookie though, you grab a cookie girl! I’d be lying if I said I didn’t go to the corner store straight after yoga, grab a chocolate bar to head straight home, shower, jammies, cup of tea (I am British, duh) and snuggle down to watch Riverdale on Netflix. Those Friday nights are my favourite.

    I think you look fabulous as ever. xo

    • I love the idea of calling myself “softer” than usual :o). It has less negative connotation. I fluctuate between feeling great about myself (no matter the softness) and letting myself get down because my pants are tighter than they were a few months ago. It’s a lot harder to let that shit go than I thought! I’ve never tried yoga but I think I would like it!. Thanks for the note sweet thing, miss ya kiss ya!

  2. Ahhhh…. thank you so much for sharing this. Interesting world we live in. We’re supposed to look perfect but also not care too much about how we look / what we eat. I, too, go through the same EXACT thing as you. I fluctuate about 10 pounds throughout the year. I go back and forth between exercising and eating SUPER healthy… and I feel absolutely alive. Once I achieve that, I loosen up on myself, and then I head back towards that extra ten pounds. I have more free time, but I’m cranky, have less energy, don’t feel as good in my clothes. It’s not the end of the world, of course, but I am always trying to find the balance. For me, a big one is really limiting the drinking and major junk food… and continue to exercise. I came to the point I realized exercising is just something that is very important for my own mental and personal being. In the beginning it was to look good, and now it’s more about being in the best mental state I can be. AND I HEAR YOU on the cellulite. I hate that magazines don’t show imperfections. We all have it… and the women who don’t have it… well, shit lol.

    • I love and agree with everything you wrote! There are so many benefits to exercise that are not appearance based— sleep, energy, endorphins, etc. It’s just SO time consuming! I need to make it a priority again, because I feel so much better when I exercise, even though it can be a fucking drag sometimes. Love ya babe!

  3. Pattern mixing goals!

    I’ve been body positive since I was 19 and that devotion has been put to the test as I watched my weight/health go from one extreme to another in a very short span. Every day I feel differently about what I look like. I haven’t found the secret to loving myself every single day but I do try to find at least ONE thing to like/love everyday. I mean, you can’t hate everything all at once, right? Everyday is a journey and some days are good and some days are bad.

    Society can abide by it’s superficial standards. I live in my own world! 😉

    Hannah | The Outfit Repeater

    • You are such an inspiration to me on so many levels babe! Your creativity, generosity, and overall outlook on life are seriously stellar. I’m so blessed to call you my blogger bud/kindred spirit from afar. Thank you for your kind words love!

  4. Balance. How do we achieve it? We tout the importance of self-care, but if you want to be successful you are supposed to be self-sacrificing. It’s infuriating. Your best body is the body you have when you are happy,satisfied, and healthy. WHATEVER that looks like.

  5. My love, I totally feel this post ❤ it’s so hard to balance it all but you look lovely!! Your harshest critic is yourself. Maybe try getting some walks in the strengthen the creative juices and feel more fit ❤

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