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Bedroom (mini) Makeover with Framebridge

As you’ve seen on Instagram, I have been nesting in a major way since moving to California. Truth be told, until we moved into our house here, I was never really all that into home decor. I think it’s probably because NYC living is so compact—and everything you bring into your home has to be multi purpose. Your couch is also a guest bed, and a storage container, and, in our case, a dining set. And your furniture has to fit into the tiny, and sometimes awkward, size of your living space. For us, aesthetics weren’t high on the “must have list” when we were furniture shopping for our Brooklyn apartment. But now that we live in the suburbs, aka The Land of Endless Space, I have been having SO much fun designing and decorating our home.

You probably also know by now that my man and I are pretty into art/design and collecting unique pieces from friends and artists. Surprisingly, while we have so many art prints and photographs framed on our walls, we never had any photos from our wedding professionally printed and framed! This is kind of embarrassing to admit, but there you have it. We love our wedding photos (Amber Gress and her team absolutely killed it) and talked about getting them framed all the time. But the barrier to entry was just too high, and I had so many questions: Where and how would I get the photos printed? What size frame was right, and what’s the deal with a matte? What type of frame would be sophisticated but also affordable?

Framebridge Framing Service

Cue Framebridge. I had heard about their service in my peripheral. And now I had the perfect excuse to check them out. After a few minutes on their site I had the images uploaded, the frames chosen, and was on my way to checkout. It was So. Dang. Easy. They even offer a service that helps you design a gallery wall if you don’t know where to begin. Honestly, deciding which two photos we wanted to frame was way harder than using the Framebridge portal. After much deliberation we landed on one photo from our 2016 wedding in Brooklyn (I also posted a similar photo to my Instagram on Valentine’s Day last week!) and one photo from our “Goodbye NYC” photoshoot from just a few months ago. These felt like the perfect way to commemorate our wedding day as well as our life in New York.

Fast forward a a few days and our frames arrived! They were even more beautiful in person. We hung them immediately above the dresser in our bedroom (they are packaged up with all the necessary hardware for hanging). I am super impressed with our Framebridge experience and will absolutely be using them again in the future.

Our mini bedroom makeover with Framebridge Our mini bedroom makeover with FramebridgeOur mini bedroom makeover with FramebridgeOur mini bedroom makeover with FramebridgeOur mini bedroom makeover with Framebridge Our mini bedroom makeover with FramebridgeOur mini bedroom makeover with Framebridge Our mini bedroom makeover with Framebridge

Frames: Archer Silver Tulip Pattern Frame (25.01″ x 19.01″)   | Round mirror: Ikea Stockholm Mirror | Rattan plant stand: Ikea | Dresser: Basset Furniture via Craigslist

This post was in partnership with Framebridge. Thank you, as always, for supporting my blog!

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