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The Secret to my Pearly Whites

If you follow me in other corners of the Internet (like here, or here), you’re probably used to my goofy grin. I don’t have a great poker face and often wear my emotions (both good and bad) on my mug. What you might not have guessed is, I’m a little shy about my smile. Like many other 80’s babies, I never wore my retainer after braces (sorry mom!) and have noticed some wandering teeth over the years. On top of it all, I’m a coffee drinker and sugar addict, which is basically the opposite of what makes for white chompers.

I’ve been using the Smile Brilliant tooth whitening kit for a few months now, and I’m pretty jazzed on the results. I have super duper sensitive teeth, so I’m a slow whitener. I think normal-toothed people (y’all freaks who can bite into ice cream) would be able to achieve the same results in a matter of weeks. For my fellow sensitive-smile folks, the kit comes with a desensitizing gel (which I was skeptical of at first), that actually works. I also ran the kit by my dentist to make sure it’s safe for you toofies. And it’s officially Dr. Heller approved!

The pros:

  • I like that you make molds of your own teeth—the gel whitening trays are way more comfortable than other whitening systems. They don’t slip around in your mouth or feel weird.
  • Excellent customer service: I had some issues with my molds (I made a mistake when I mailed them), and team was super helpful.
  • I love the results: my teeth are whiter than other whitening systems I’ve tried (I’ve used Crest White Strips previously). And they were noticeably whiter after the first session.
  • I also really like the desensitizing system.

The cons: Not very many, but here they are.

  • You can’t buy the kit and start whitening that day. You have to make molds of your teeth and send them in. But the turn around time is only about one week.
  • The whitening time (when you have the gel + trays in your mouth) is kind of long. I would sit with the trays in my mouth for almost an hour. If you have sensitive teeth you also do the trays with the desensitizing gel for an additional hour after the whitening gel. So you’re looking at 2 hours for a whitening session. The reason this was a downside for me was because I rarely have 2 hours of “free time” in the evening during the week. By the time I get home from work and eat dinner, it’s practically bed time.

Unintentional bonus of this whitening system: because I whitened for 2 hours at night (and you can’t eat anything afterwards), this routine helped curb my late-night snacking! 

You can enter to win a Smile Brilliant Whitening kit for free by filling out this simple form here. Or if you’re ready to buy your own kit, you can use my code for $15 off: clothesandpizza15.

Photos by the lovely and talented Jena Cumbo.
Tank: vintage |  Jeans: Zara | Denim Jacket: vintage Lee | Sunnies: Ray Ban | Earrings: Mango
Ughhh, and here are my un-doctored before and after photos. As much as I’m embarrassed to show you my before photo, it’s totally important in order to see the difference in the two! Wowza.
This post was in partnership with Smile Brilliant. Thank you, as always, for supporting my blog!

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